29.XI. 2017



A. Poverty, Inequalities and Families


Chair: Marta Sánchez


"Multigenerational residential arrangements and poverty in Mexico"

Landy Sánchez & Ana Ruth Escoto Castillo

"Family and the Reproduction of Poverty: the Case of Rural Youth in Canada"

Marco Alberio

"Poverty patterns during childhood – Characteristics and determinants"

Sabrina Reiter

"Intergenerational Persistence of Skills and Socioeconomic Status"

Raymundo M. Campos-Vazquez


B. Families, Care & Justice


Chair: Bárbara Barbosa Neves


"Parental leave for fathers in USA: Global context, benefits, and development"

Rudy Ray Seward & Michael Rush

"Family Care for Persons with Dementia: the European North–South Divide"

Tobias Haeusermann

"The Criminal Justice System, Inequality and African American Families"

Gerald Fosten

"Changes in the Meaning of the Elderly Living with Children: An Analysis of Household Income Inequality among the Japanese Elderly"

Hachiro Iwai


C. Desigualdades, violencia, discriminación y diversidad familiar


Chair: Maribel Vargas Espinosa


"La discriminación matrimonial hacia la minoría Buraku"

Naoko Saito

"Families as holders of their Human Rights. Paradigm shift from Social Assistance to Demand Rights"

Andrea Kenya Sánchez Zepeda

“Familia, trabajo social y ‘el médico en tu casa’”

Omar García

"Lengua materna: Discriminación y desigualdad en las comunidades indígenas"

Maribel Vargas Espinosa






29.XI. 2017





A. Poverty, Inequalities and Families


Chair: Janna Shadduck-Hernandez


"Power relations between husband and wife in Vietnamese families: Findings from a study in Northern Central Region, Vietnam"

Huu Minh Nguyen

"Fathering in Raced and Gendered Bodies in the New Latino South: Undocumented Mexican Fathers Parenting Beyond Borders, Fuera de Aztlán"

Marta Sánchez

"Social differentiation strategies and accumulated advantages of low and middle class families in Lima-Perú"

Manuel Dammert Guardia

"Parental Legal Vulnerability and its Effects on Child Academic Achievement"

Juan José Bustamante & Nezly Silva

"Early Parenthood and Inequalities in Family and Work Trajectories. Experiences of women and men in urban Mexico"

Marta Mier-y-Terán & Ana Karina Videgain




B. Desigualdades, violencia, discriminación y diversidad familiar


Chair: Andrea Kenya Sánchez Zepeda


“La desigualdad de ingresos en América Latina: una evaluación del pasado reciente”


Jose Nabor Cruz Marcelo

“Diversidad familiar en contextos populares: miradas desde la perspectiva de género y el desarrollo sustentable”

Edgar Iván Zazueta Luzanilla

“Nuevos tipos de familias, retos y oportunidades para el futuro”


Cecilia Zaragoza

“Educación superior y familia. Visión de los estudiantes”

José Matías Romo Martínez


30.XI. 2017



A. Migration and Families


Chair: Michael Rush


“ ‘Extraño a mi mamá... but this is what's best for me’: Child migrants circulating between Mexico and the United States”

Betsabé Román

“Migration and health in the communities of origin of migrants of the South of Nuevo León, Mexico. Comparative study of the illness management”

Iza María Sánchez-Siller

“Analysing the Deportation of the Immigrant Family Members as a Family Separation Issue”

Azer Sumbas

“Growing up in a mixed status family: Effects of family immigration status on child wellbeing”

Laryssa Mykyta


B. Education, Intergenerational Realations and Families


Chair: Sabrina Reiter


"Three Decades of Educational Differentials in Attitudes toward Divorce in Taiwan, 1985-2015"

Yi-Lin Chiang

"Changes in Attitudes toward Gender Roles and the Rigidness of the Japanese Social System: An Analysis of Family Module in JGSS-2006 and JGSS-2016"

Noriko Iwai

"Justice for Janitors Kids! Parent Worker Engagement in their Children’s K-12 Education: A Union and Workplace Education Model"

Janna Shadduck-Hernandez

"Nature And Prevalence Of Domestic Violence Against Men In Dala Local Government Area Of Kano State, Nigeria"

Mohammed Mustapha Namadi

"Barriers and Drivers of Upward Intergenerational Mobility on Mexican Women"

Juan Enrique Huerta-Wong


C. Desigualdades, violencia, discriminación y diversidad familiar


Chair: Angélica Sobarzo Magallanes


"Diferencias en las necesidades que genera el estatus de estudiantes universitarios entre jóvenes que comparten origen étnico y trayectorias académicas"

Ma. de los Ángeles Gómez Gallegos

"Estudiantes indígenas Universitarios: experiencias de apropiación y usos de tecnologías digitales"

Ana Georgina López Zepeda

"Gestación Subrogada y Diversidad"

María Eugenia Olavarría Patiño


01.XII. 2017






A. Inequalities, Social Stratification, Social Representation and Families


Chair: Patrizia Albanese


"Marital Satisfaction among Taiwanese Young Couples: Effects of Normative Regulations"

Chin-Chun Yi & Wen-Hsu Lin

"The long arm of the family. On the reconsideration of educational decisions and the role of parental preferences"

Bernhard Christoph, Heiko Quast & Heike Spangenberg

"Family as an interlocutional space: re-enculturation and intergenerational communication in the context of urban marginality"

Ksenia Sidorova & Astrid Karina Rivero Pérez

"Reproduction of inequalities among persons with diabetes in Mexico"

Lukasz Czarnecki & Delfino Vargas



B. Desigualdades, violencia, discriminación y diversidad familiar


Chair: Luz María López Montaño


"Reflexiones acerca del impacto de la familia en el proceso de readaptación a la vida laboral y comunitaria de personas en proceso de desmovilización de grupos armados"


Luz Stella Vélez Mejía

"Representaciones socioculturales de la paternidad en México"

Ana Alicia Torres Torres

"Acompañamiento familiar: Estrategia de desarrollo familiar para contrarrestar la desigualdad"

Luz María López Montaño

"Estructuras familiares y desigualdades en México”

Cecilia Rabell & Sandra Murillo



Inequalities and families: an interdisciplinary perspective

Committee on Family Research, RC06, ISA

Mexico City

29, 30 November and 1 December 2017

Latin America remains the most unequal region in the world. According to the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), by 2014, the richest 10% of the population in Latin America had concentrated 71% of the wealth of the region. Women and children, young and older, ethnic communities suffer the most unequal distribution of wealth in the region. Inequalities are always in plural, as there are inequalities in access to education, inequalities in access to health services, gender inequalities, intergenerational inequalities, work inequalities based on different conditions and access to labour, inequalities of living standards, inequalities on access to cultural activities, inequalities based on colour of skin, among others.

Inequalities create disadvantaged that accumulate from generation to generation, from past to the present. They reproduce and remain despite government and non-government actions and policies. Are we doomed for living in inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean? That is the question which brings researchers on family issues to Mexico City to rethink and take actions on inequalities. Particularly, the Committee on Family Research must confront these issues and create analytical framework of understanding global issues. Rethinking inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean will contribute to achieve understandings of inequalities in Asia, Africa, North America and Europe, and vice versa. We share the same global problems: social exclusions, unsustainable development, climate change, the ambivalent role of technology in our lives, and negative effects of economic system. Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of ECLAC clearly stressed: “equality is the goal”. Let our meeting in Mexico City create the path of structural change in theory and practice on inequalities and families.

On September 19, 2017 Mexico City and population living here have been affected by strong earthquake. Nevertheless, we decided to proceed in organizing our event. We will have the four great keynote lectures delivered by Patrizia Albanese, Miguel del Castillo, Göran Therborn and Gina Zabludovsky. Thank you all of you for coming to our city and thank you for your contribute in our Conference. 

Chair Lukasz Czarnecki  

ISA RC06 Local Organizing Committee

UNAM Mexico City